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An introduction to Running On My Mind.

To those that don’t run, the early mornings, late nights, and poring over various Garmin graphs and reports is insanity. However, for those that have found running, that started as a form of enjoyment and now need to run, it’s far more important than a hobby. I have started this blog to help me think out loud, to explore why I/we run, and any/all other aspects of running including shoes, gear, race reviews and anything else that someone might be interested in reading.

I grew up playing a mix of team and individual sports including judo which I competed in for over 10 years, downhill mountain biking, rugby union, gridiron, cycling and triathlon. Across many of these, running was obviously an important part but never a focus.

When I did run I found that, more than other sports, I was more prone to injury and so whilst enjoyable it wasn’t something that became a big part of my life.

Then I discovered trail running. Whether it was the mix of terrain, strength and conditioning as a natural part of the hills and other obstacles or a bit of both, I found I could run further and not be injured. As a bonus, it came with some pretty awesome views compared to the concrete jungle and repetitiveness of road running - although I have started to enjoy this again so have come full circle.

I’ll share some background about injury prevention and coping with injuries soon as that’s been a much too great a part of my running career but something I can share some helpful tips, mostly on what not to do! Even since thinking about this page last week, I've had some great feedback on things that people would be interested in talking about including motivation, staying positive and training so will get them involved too!

I hope that some of the discussions will resonate with you and if there is anything you would be interested in discussing/reading/listening to please leave a comment below or drop me a line via the chat function or by email and I would love to do so.

The best part of running is the community so hopefully this is me, in a small way, giving back.

If you subscribe at the bottom of this page you'll receive notifications when new content is shared 😀. Thanks so much for checking me out!

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