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Comeback Kid

Other working titles for this update were, The King Has Returned, and Phoenix Rising, but they were perhaps a little bit dramatic.

Project #RunH2O

What I’ve decided to do is to continue to run in the pool up until race week and yes, that is ALL of my training will be running in the pool

Free Speed, the Next, Next 2.8%

We all spend money on running faster to some degree, but what if there was a way to run faster, for free, whilst being happier? Read on.

The Best of You for You, and for Running

I’ve been up at 4am in the dark, in the rain, cold, hungry and the appeal of a warm bed is overwhelming but I’ve been running and I love it!

Running Towards Anxiety

Running towards anxiety is a brief look at how I use running to assist with my mental health and wellbeing and I'm keen to hear from others.

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